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Town of Washington
Shawano County, Wisconsin

Office Address
111 E. Hoffman St
Cecil, Wisconsin 54111

  • The office is the first door on right side when entering the town hall.
  • No regular office hours.  Call for an appointment.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 219
Cecil, WI 54111

Contact Information

Chairman Dave Korth
Phone: (715) 584-7691
Email: [email protected]

Clerk Kara Skarlupka
Phone: (715) 851-6592
Email: [email protected]

Supervisor Paul Gagnow
Phone: (920) 655-1666
Email: [email protected]

Supervisor Jesse Bahr
Phone: (715) 851-0343
Email: [email protected]

Treasurer Amber Bahr
Phone: (715) 851-1193
Email: [email protected]

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